The Rolex Datejust Replica of the Power Reserve

Model of Rolex Replica equipped with tourbillon and large date display, but the most interesting is in a small dial integrated directly into the pendulum hammer power reserve indicator. This new complication has been achieved by an original and complex building. In this solution, the weight of the oscillation provides Rolex Replica Watches both energy and transfer information.Rolex_Submariner_2010_Ref_116610LN_560
The power reserve is driven by a planetary or differential gear drive, associated with the Rolex Replica UK winding rate of the winding. Hand display of the power reserve is usually connected to the output of the differential. In developing the new method, we must first figure out how to put baopo power reserve indicator on the rotor shaft. As shown in the Rolex Replica Watches UK figure below, the differential of the staff (a) to highlight the movement in the bridge. A gear wheel is wound around the center axis of the rotor on a winding train bridge. One is coaxial with the rotor, which is Cheap Rolex Datejust Replica usually a part of the self winding system, the transmission of the rotating steering wheel carrying the power reserve through Cheap Rolex a small gear (Electronic), reverse the direction of rotation.