New Replica Breitling Avenger Watches

The new Breitling Avenger Replica lineup merges the old Avenger style with that of the Breitling Colt, further streamlining the catalog. A raft of colors and an uncommonly wide range of sizes should satisfy fans of Breitling during the Schneider era, as well as those enjoying the current “heritage revisited” phase the brand is going through.


One of the standout pieces in this collection, the olive green-dialed Night Mission is one of four Night Mission models available in DLC-coated titanium.


Rather than using High Quality Breitling Replica in-house creations, the Avenger models are powered by Breitling-branded ETA movements, meaning they are priced far more affordably and offer an easy, on-brand entry point to the collection.


And for those who love the style and message of a Breitling but don’t possess the necessary wrist architecture to pull it off, several of these references are as small as 43mm. While that’s hardly petite, a 43mm-diameter Breitling Replica, thanks to the wide rotating bezel and significant thickness, wears a lot smaller than one would expect.