Breitling Super Chronomat 44 Replica Watches For Sale

Big and bold are two words that can easily be used to describe Breitling Replica Watches over the years. Never have they been more fitting adjectives than when applied to the new Super Chronomat with a 44mm case and a choice of either stainless steel or red gold.

The Chronomat was first unveiled in its current guise in 1984, as part of Breitling’s centenary celebrations. It has been often said that the watch rescued the brand from the doldrums of the 1970s quartz crisis.The Cheap Breitling Super Chronomat Replica is firmly a descendent of the 1984 watch of the same name and features two of the signature features always seen on the Chronomat, the so-called rider tabs on the bezel and the “onion” winding crown.

On the Super Chronomat, the rider tabs have superluminova painted numerals at 15, 30 and 45. The 15 and 45 rider tabs are interchangeable and can be swapped over to allow the user to either count down or count up, as you prefer.

On the subject of the bezel, the insert is ceramic for the first time on a Chronomat and is available in either blue or black with matching dial in the steel Best Fake Breitling. The red gold version has a brown bezel, again ceramic, and dial combination which is a great looking combination to my eye.

When it comes to strap options, Breitling have a real treat in store in the shape of a small UTC module built into the Rouleaux bracelet. The UTC module is a small quartz watch that allows the wearer to monitor a second timezone and has been an option on certain Breitling Replica Watches Online since the 1980s.

For a more casual and sportier look, Breitling has created a rubber strap that is inspired by the Rouleaux bracelet with contrasting textures that works well in either black or blue on the steel models and brown for the red gold.

This watch features day, date and moth plus a moon phase indicator and needs adjusting once every four years during a leap year. The calendar watches have a subtle ton-sur-ton dial and are both in steel and red gold configurations with ceramic inserts, in red gold bezels. The Breitling Replica Watches For Sale steel case features red gold pushers and are again available with either a steel and gold Rouleaux bracelet or rubber strap.

Movement: Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01, COSC certified with 70-hour power reserve

Case and dial: 44mm steel or red gold with ceramic bezel insert. Steel available with black or blue dial with matching bezel. Red gold has brown dial and ceramic bezel. All dials have Super-LumiNova as do the rider tabs on the bezel.

Strap: Steel Rouleaux bracelet with butterfly clasp or injection-moulded rubber strap with Rouleaux bracelet design with folding clasp.