Breitling Replica Chronographs You Don’t See Often

This might seem like another Bring A Loupe focused on chronographs, but this time around we’ve found some pieces that you might never have encountered before.All those share an undeniable rarity, as well as relatively reasonable prices. For instance, you will discover an uncommon breitling replica watches for sale Top Time reference 2011, with an unexpected case shape that’s actually fairly similar to the Nivada Taravana we’ve found as well.

I won’t deny it, I have a soft spot for the swiss replica breitling watches Top Time of the 1960s, the hip chronograph family of its time. Those usually come in a traditional round case, until the 1970s brought a square cushion case, which in my opinion is unfortunately a lot less sexy. There are however two notable exceptions, which are James Bond’s version in Thunderball, and the elusive reference 2011. There’s almost nothing on this strange bird in any of the usual sources; it does not appear in any book dedicated to Breitling, and it’s only been seen in print on the page of a Japanese catalog presented below, and also in a forum post on best fake breitling Source. It does not seem that it was a Japanese limited edition since at least two examples have been found with no possible link to that market. This mystery emphasizes the rarity of this chronograph, which only came with panda and reverse panda dials. It was initially powered by the Venus caliber 175 and at some point, fake breitling switched to the Valjoux 7730, so the example here almost certainly uses one or the other of these two movements.

We have another breitling replica watches this week, but this time for a change, not from Lip. Yema was the other big name in France and nowadays, its most coveted pieces are its sporty chronographs, namely the Rallygraf and the Yachtingraf. The Yachtingraf you see here is part of Yema’s production from the late 1960s, nicknamed the “white sail” after the sailboat above the words “patent pending”. The 5-minute regatta countdown in the right sub-register is obtained from a modified Valjoux 7733, its direct reading is unique for a yachting chronograph. This very breitling replica came in two sizes but the seller here describe his example as the “regular” size, boasting a 39mm diameter vs. 43mm for the Jumbo version.

The benefit of this sober configuration is of course a more open and uncluttered dial, which makes the 35mm case look bigger on the wrist. Speaking of the waterproof case, its line and sunburst pushers remind of the Cheap Breitling Replica and for a very good reason. Both came from the same supplier, the renowned François Borgel (later called Taubert Frères) as covered in the excellent review from a French forum, notably showing all the original ads. The dial of this example clearly shows its 70+ years, but the homogeneous patina gave it an interesting copper color, while the radium numerals remained well preserved.