Breitling 3 Days 48 mm For You

Cheap Breitling Replica latest version of the Watches 1940 3 Days Ceramica, this week’s watch watch, the history and modern style together, the integration of contemporary matte black ceramic case and minimalist dial, inspired by the brand history, as Royal Italian Navy Timepiece supplier.
In the case of Breitling Replica Watches 1940 3 days Ceramica used in the case of material is made of zirconia. This type of ceramic in the hardness, brightness and scratch resistance, corrosive elements and high temperature and other areas of the more commonly used steel. The size of the case is 48 mm in diameter, waterproof performance of 100 meters, most of the hope and look forward to in its history formerly known as military divers manufacturing Breitling Replica.

Black dial with Breitling’s iconic “sandwich” style, composed of two superimposed sheet, two layers of superimposed layer of luminescent material, this design in the late 1930s began to use. Hour markers have a simple bar and point index, all painted an ecru color super LumiNova, so that they are in the low light a little martial arts “khaki” light. Another highlight of the dial is a subtle embossed image of Silura a Lenta Corsa, which is the mission of the Italian naval commandos in the 1930s with reference to the early watches of the Cheap Replica Watches.

The watch is powered by the Breitling manual wind P.3000 internal action, which passes through the large polished sapphire window in the bottom cover made of titanium. The size of this movement is 161/2 wood, about 37.22 mm, not only for Breitling Replica Watches, but also for large case. Its features and vigorous development are extensive brush bridge covering most of the wheels, an unusual large balance wheel and two spring buckets, storing three days of power reserve. The P.3000 movement is also equipped with a quick adjustment of the time so that the hour hand can jump forward or backward for an hour without interfering with the minute hand.

Breitling Replica 1940 3 days Ceramica with brown untreated leather, hand-sewn contrast stitch, and fastened through the ladder buckle, which is made of non-allergic titanium like a bottom cover, DLC coating with the situation